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EVERSON CORDAGE WORKS, the highest quality twisted twines & ropes for fishing, industrial & commercial uses.
Everson Cordage Works was established in 1979 for manufacture of high quality three strand twisted nylon products.

At that time, an expanding commercial fishing market significantly increased the demand for knotted nylon netting. Local manufacturers were unable to obtain reliable sources of raw materials and ECW focused their initail efforts on producing twisted nylon products specifically designed to meet the stringent standards of commercial netting. As the reputation for locally produced nylon netting set quality standards for other manufacturers, the demand for ECW twine spread to other marine suppiers.

ECW specializes in providing volume and wholesale markets with the highest quality twisted twines and rope. With annual production capabilities approaching ten million pounds, the company is large enough to expeditiously handle most cordage demands yet small enough to provide that old fashioned attention to detail and personalized service with every order.

The plant operates three shifts daily and is available for extended manufacturing service seven days a week. Products range in size from very fine thread-like twisted and braided cordage to three and four stand twisted ropes up to one inch in diameter.

New high tenacity fibers such as Dupont, Kevlar and Dyneema are also processed into cordage products. Special equipment for dying and for application of modern cordage coatings and preservatives has also been added along with the latest technical innovations in rope manufacture and processing. Products are still used by net manufacturers and in a variety of other cordage applications through out the United States.

Contact any of our dedicated technical staff or authorized distributor representative for more information on our products or how ECW may assist you!

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Everson Cordage Works
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